Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sabbath morning walk


Railway Crossings

There is no sneaking through the railway crossing here, even when the train is not parked in the crossing . . .but if you get tired of waiting you can climb over the top!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Mickey and Ladan Ask, Susanne Montgomery, Allan Handysides and Peter Landless each expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to share with these dedicated, hardworking and gifted students. They take home many memories.

End of first two week session

Examinations today ended the first two week session. It has been very intense and after the weekend break we will start the second two week session.

Room with a View

I have a new office. I think it is the office of the Vice President for Finance - she is on vacation so I am enjoying the room and the view.

Inna, Tatiana and Irina

Sweet Gift!

This gift of wild strawberries has a perfume which must be experienced to be believed - and they taste good to.

All work and no play . . . !

We have been out and about as well as relaxing on-campus.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Class has started

The Summer 2007 session of the Euro-Asia MPH degree program has started with 56 students and 4 instructors. It is a time of renewing friendships, sharing experiences and learning, learning, learning! There will be time for fun with a picnic, concert and the annual comedy show.

Peter Landless (top right) and Allan Handysides are teaching a course in basic physiology translated by Oleg Demirov (top left).

Susanne Mongtomery is teaching qualitative reserach methods translated by Alex Sokolov.

Dr Mickey Ask is teaching a class in addiction theory and program development and is preparing names for everyone so he can call on them each to answer up!

Early Morning Reflection

If you look carefully you can see the fisherman in both pictures. There is a group walking in the morning as soon as the campus gates are open at about 6:00am. It is a beautiful time of day.

New Plant Nursery Store

Another addition to the campus is the nursery store. There has been a nursery here for many years but now they have a store selling flowers and plants to the public.

Zaoksky Adventist University

Zaoksky Adventist University is situated 70 miles south of Moscow on the main road to the Black Sea. Friday afternoon traffic was as busy as usual for any large city but we made the trip in record time! A new acquisition for the campus is this beautiful fountain.

The red and white buildings are still very striking and the rose garden is about to bloom again.

Sabbath morning I didn't wake until 12:30pm so missed the church services. Nadia (far right) invited the MPH students and me to lunch. Afterward we attended a baptism by the river.